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Transforming Butterflies

If Nothing Ever Changed, There'd Be No Butterflies!

The Butterfly classroom at Lincoln Early Learning Center is a fun and interactive learning environment where the children love to be.  In our classroom we utilize technology everyday from computers, iPads and even a smart board.

We learn so many things throughout our day and we never skip a beat with all of our play.  We have a large library, an interesting science center and so much more!

Our Room

Butterfly Room

In the Butterfly room we review our ABCs, numbers, site words and improve reading skills, and so much more.  We do all of these things with little paper and pencil activity.  We strive to learn through play and encourage our students to teach each other through experience. 

Fine motor skills and gross motor skills are an essential part of our learning experience.  Many of our “Work Samples” are photos of children engaging in fun learning activities because we don’t “produce” a vast amount created projects.

The school age children participate in a reading incentive program for 100% AR tests.  The children that receive a 100% AR test will be awarded either a Texas Roadhouse Ranger free dinner meal or a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. This program is designed to encourage fun in the child’s literacy development.  The children engage in fine and large motor skills that are an essential part of our learning experiences.  We have a focus on discovery learning that enhance Science and Social Studies skills for all ages.

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Our Work

Butterfly Work

Want to see what the Butterflies are working on this week? Click Here to View Our Lesson Plans.

Want to show off your child's artwork? Click Here to View Our Class Work.
Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

Elizabeth McCoy

Elizabeth has a Bachelors of Education from Robert Morris University, and her favorite children's book is "Bernstein Bears". People may be surprised to know that Elizabeth loves the outdoors, and is a pretty good athlete.

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Donna Matthews

Donna has worked as a Sunday school teacher for over 20 years.  Her favorite cartoon character is Fred Flinstone and her favorite children's book is the Book of Nursery Rhymes.  When she was a child she enjoyed playing outside with her friends, playing kickball, and swimming.  She still wants to learn everything she can. Something you may not know about Donna is she loves to sing and she is an Elder at her church.

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