Caterpillar Room at Prima | For infants ages 6 weeks to 1 year.

Ages 6 Weeks to 1 Year

Caterpillar Curisoity

Our little Caterpillars are on the move. Come on in and join them… You might even meet a Butterfly!

The Caterpillar room at Lincoln Early Learning Center is full of action and filled with wonderful changes!  The classroom mood is very soothing and nurturing with relaxing music played throughout the day adding to a sense of calm. 

Our classroom is separated into two groups.  The “The Little Cocoons," made up of our newest arrivals, are snuggly tight in the arms of one of our wonderful caregivers; while the older “Movers and Shakers” are rolling, crawling and walking to experience their world.

The "metamorphosis" from infants to toddlers takes place so quickly, so we try to enjoy and take in every moment!

Our Room

Caterpillar Room

Our days are filled with so many opportunities for learning through interaction with the other children, developing independence and exploring through the use of our five senses.  Sign language is used and incorporated throughout the day for simple words and are posted throughout the classroom for easy referral.  There are daily stories, activities and songs based around Lincoln Early Learning Center's weekly theme, in addition to the introduction of colors, shapes, numbers and letters. 

The infant room at Lincoln Early Learning Center is place where so many wonderful and exciting changes take place.  It’s a place where “caterpillars” truly grow, change and develop into beautiful and wonderful toddlers.

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Our Work

Caterpillar Work



Want to see what the Caterpillars are working on this week? Click Here to View Our Lesson Plans.

Want to see what's going on in our room? Click Here to View Our Class Work.
Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

Stefanie Lawson

Stefanie has 9 years of in childcare. Her favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and her favorite children's book is The Giving Tree.  Stefanie still hopes to learn sign language


Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Amy Holava

Amy has over 15 years in childcare, from infant to school age, working in daycares andlocal school districts. Amy's favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and her favorite children's book is Gooodnight Moon

Group Supervisor

Group Supervisor

Bobbie Jo Marchegiano

Bobbie Jo has work experience in childcare and as a nurse's aide.  Her favorite cartoon characters were Tom and Jerry and her favorite books when she was a child were Clifford.  As a child, Bobbie Jo enjoyed dancing and gymnastics.  She still wants to learn different languages.  One thing you may be surprised to find out about Bobbie Jo is that she was a cheerleader. 


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