Grasshopper Room at Prima | For children ages 1 to 2 years.

Ages 1 to 2 Years

Grasshopper Summer  Fun

Patience, young Grasshopper...

The Grasshopper classroom at Lincoln Early Learning Center is an exciting, fun-filled room with lots to do. We are always moving and finding new ways to play with our toys. We have materials to engage our students in various kinds of play, including gross motor play on our mats and with our blocks, fine motor play with our puzzles and other manipulatives, and dramatic play with our kitchen center and dress up clothes. 

We love playing outside on our slides or walking around the track behind our school. Water and sensory play is an integral part of our learning because it allows students to get messy and build motor skills! During our brief circle times we read books, sing songs and use sign language and Spanish to learn about colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

Our Room

We’re called the Grasshoppers because we never stop moving! Whether we are developing fine motor skills with Playdough, learning to pour and measure with water in the sensory table or expressing ourselves through artwork, like painting, we are busy all day long.

Like grasshoppers, we will eat anything in sight, so we really enjoy mealtimes and do lots of our learning through lessons that involve food. We love playing and having as much fun as we can!

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Our Work

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Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

Jeanne Young

Jeanne has a bachelors degree in education, she volunteered at a preschool for four years and she is a tball coach and cheer-leading sponsor.  Her favorite cartoon character is Dory from Finding Nemo and her favorite children's book is Mator Saves Christmas.  When she was a child she enjoyed reading, playing school, playing softball, making crafts, and visiting her grandparents.  She is still interested in learning how to take professional pictures.  You may be surprised to know that Jeanne was born in Texas, she grew up in Ohio, and has lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years.

Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

  Kristina McLaughlin

Kristina studied Elementary and Special Education at Slippery Rock University. She also has privately babysat in the past years. As a child her favorite children's book was "Love You Forever". When she was a kid, Kristina liked to play outside with her family and friends. Also Kristina loves to ride horses and quads. She still wants to learn more about Early Childhood Education and eventually earn her masters. One thing people maybe surprised to know about Kristina is she has been a volunteer firefighter and EMT since she was 16 years old.

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