Prima Early Learning Center's curriculum is designed to foster development.

Where Children Come First

Developmentally Appropriate Practices are based on research that proves that quality early childhood experiences foster optimal development of the whole child. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) supports research that has shown children’s success or failure during the early grades often predicts the course of later schooling.  Developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood programs are essential.  The goal of the Lincoln Early Learning Center is to foster the development for the whole child by providing developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning endeavors.

Our Approach

Classroom Environment

Lincoln Early Learning Center's classrooms serve as developmentally appropriate learning environments, which encourage children to explore, investigate, observe and experiment, while allowing space for children to take risks within safe boundaries. This environment fosters self awareness, self-esteem, and social competence.

Each classroom contains areas in which children can select and plan their activities, has areas for both quiet and active social interaction, and consist of areas that are clearly labeled with words and pictures to encourage early literacy skills. All classrooms are equipped with a variety of materials to encourage hands on learning and integrate technology through computer and Smartboard usage.



An understanding of child development and the variation among individual children’s learning is crucial. Every educator at Lincoln Early Learning Center has the ability to plan developmentally appropriate learning experiences that will provide each child with the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.  Engaging lessons are aligned with the PA Early Learning Standards to meet the needs of all diverse learners.


Instructional Strategies

Our teachers develop and use a wide variety of instructional strategies to ensure each child’s progress in accomplishing age-appropriate learning objectives.  Teachers observe and interact with whole groups, small groups, and individual students on a daily basis.   They provide encouragement and feedback to motivate students throughout the learning process.  The instructional strategies used within the classrooms take into consideration the developmental age, skills, interests, and background of all children.


Our Mission

We, as professional child care providers, will offer quality education and social enrichment in positive, safe, loving, and structured surrounds. Through teamwork, we will build confidence and trust in a funā€filled atmosphere. With an emphasis on mutual respect and open communication, we will strive to establish a nurturing environment as well as a strong support system for children, parents, staff, and the community.

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